5 in demand Business Start-ups to try in 2016


Event Management Services


A month cannot go by without birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and other celebrations. 2016 is another year to expect more of these events so if you have what it takes, start an Event Management Services business.

People with busy lifestyles usually contact event planners to organize their parties and occasions. The fundamental responsibilities of an event planner include the venue, food, speakers and entertainment, audiovisual equipment, recreational activities, decorations, invitations and promotional stuffs, gifts and awards, and forming of a working committee.

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Seminar Production Business

Áèçíåñ ñåìèíàð. Business seminar.

As time flips to another year, companies, organizations, and private individuals would want to learn new things, be encouraged and enlightened, and acquire new management and technical skills.

Seminar Production Business will be a great business start-up in 2016 because in this modern age, it has been a tradition of some corporations to send their employees to trainings and seminars to refresh, update, and improve their expertise. On the other hand, others voluntarily sign up for seminars and workshops for personal growth and certifications.

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Upcycling Service


Unlike recycling, where a junk is reduced into something of lesser quality to become useful, upcycling is the practice of reinventing a product from unwanted items to become something of higher quality while increasing its value.

More companies are becoming aware of environmental issues and today, many consumers are considering environment-friendly products and services because they feel the need to do something for the planet. This has put the Upcycling Service business a promising start-up this 2016.

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Corporate Wellness Services


The growing industry of Corporate Wellness Services is becoming popular as companies and organizations have now realized the importance of their employees’ health and lifestyle. Poor employee habits led to higher absenteeism, health-care costs, and insurance claims that affect the company’s expenses, productivity, and morale.

Thus, in 2016, more establishments are expected to purchase wellness programs that provide low-cost and convenient alternatives to healthcare, whether through wellness fairs, nutrition and weight counseling, smoking cessation, alcohol and drug abuse programs, and stress management workshops.

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Mobile Business


The food truck industry has grown over the years and triggered other businesses to consider a mobile format. Stationary shops are being swept out by mobile stores that go places to places to meet customers of different cities and towns. More consumers are loving the concept of rolling stores because shopping inside a truck gives an extra fun factor.

2016 is expected to be the best year to set up a mobile business that provides services like Mobile Pet Grooming, Dry-Cleaning Pickup & Delivery, Graffiti Removal & Abatement, Mobile Massage, Business-Plan Consulting, Bookkeeping, and usual products like food and clothes.

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