I’m 19 yrs old and I want to be a business owner what should my first step be?

Evaluate yourself:

What are your likes and dislikes? You cannot provide or endorse something you don’t like. What do you have? We’re talking about resources. Finally, what can you offer? Innovation matters in a world of strict competitions. Offer something new that also soothes your taste.

Good luck!

I was thinking of opening a new clothing brand which i have the name for and the kind of clothing it will be. I know people need clothing nothing new what is new is their taste on the clothing new trends appear and all of a sudden everyone starts wearing some new style by making something unique should make me different from the others which i hope it does happen which by being unique it will become a trend hopefully. And on resources my budget so far is $15k which i hope is enough.

I’m glad to hear that from a 19 year old. I guess you really have a strong passion for entrepreneurship and that’s a common attitude successful businessmen possess. I suggest you set the trend yourself. Form your brand and start wearing your designs in public. Expand your network, meet new circles, go out with your friends, until the public notice your style. That’s called silent marketing but then it’s very effective. Investigate and research more about your target customers as well. Explore and experiment with different styles. I believe you can do this because you have a heart for this industry. Enjoy!

I will do exactly what you’re saying seems like a good way to show the public what my brand has to offer, thank you.


Link:  https://www.quora.com/


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