9 Unique holiday gift ideas for busy people 2015




Hickies love your kicks

With these amazing shoelaces, you can slip in and out of your shoes anytime. These are made perfect for sneakers and rubber shoes, using an elastic lacing system that replaces traditional shoe lacing. A great gift for busy folks. They can now change from their working shoes to their favorite comfort shoes with less time. They can get ready for sports or gym right away in the speed of light!



USB Mini Fridge


usb mini

This is great for a workaholic who is too lazy to take a break and get some drink out of the fridge. It’s a portable refrigerator that is powered via a USB cable, which can be connected to a laptop or any PC. Laziness is indeed the father of all inventions!



Kikkerland Magnetic Decision Maker


Kikkerland Magnetic Decision MakerThis gift is ideal for a friend who does a lot of decision-makings. Sometimes it’s easier to rely on luck and fate when the brain can no longer determine the right answer. With just releasing until the ball come to a stop, one can come up with an answer like yes, maybe, definitely, no way, try again or ask a friend. It’s fun to use and a perfect stress reliever!


Stick on Mustaches Set of 6


Stick on Moustaches

Do you have busy friend who is addicted to grooming his mustache? These six handmade and self-adhesive mustaches can be trimmed and shaped to any style. Now your friend can change right away from a clean looking guy to a smart looking man. Great for people who have hectic schedules and don’t have enough time to groom themselves.


Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball


Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball

Deadlines, annoying clients, a nagging boss— sometimes patience doesn’t work and you need to release that boiling temper. Stress buster desktop punching ball is a great stress reliever for enraged folks who are habitually at their critical level. It is durable to withstand strong punches and bounces back for more punishment. Give it to a friend who always complains about his boss, his wife, his life and help him let go of that negative energy without hurting anyone or breaking anything.



Sandal Socks


Sandal Socks

Buy your friend a pair of these creatively designed socks. He can wear them at his home office or under his desk at work. These socks are very comfortable and fits perfectly.


Silent Vibrating Alarm Watch


Silent Vibrating Alarm Watch

This is a perfect holiday gift for a friend who keeps on disturbing his spouse every time his clock alarms in the morning. The watch wakes a person up with a quiet vibration and is ideal for couples who have different working schedules. It can also be used for reminders such as business meetings, medication, and important events.



Smart Herb Garden Starter Kit


Smart Herb Garden Starter Kit

A busy schedule is not an excuse to be part of sustaining our environment. Now, you don’t need a green thumb to grow your own herbs with this indoor gardening solution. Just plug it in, add water, and it does the rest of the job. It’s a perfect present and you’re not only giving your friend a worthwhile hobby but also a supply of healthy herbs that’s good for his body.





This tops my list because the busiest people are generally deprived of the most important need— rest. Ostrich Pillow® is a perfect gift for a workaholic friend who has already forgotten how it feels like to have a comfortable nap. He can bring and use it anywhere—office, train, airport, park bench, name it! Remind him how important sleep is and advise him to value his body because health is wealth.

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